Welcome to 23 Librarians Ireland and Beyond…

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ource: http://bookshelfporn.com/)

Hello and welcome to the blog “23 Librarians Ireland/NI and Beyond”. My name is Elaine Mulholland and I am the University Librarian at St. Mary’s University College in Belfast.

In association with my colleagues in England, Scotland and Wales, I am pleased to be the co-ordinator of the Ireland/NI and Beyond contribution of the exciting 23 Librarians project initiated by Anabel Marsh in Scotland, continued by Kristine Chapman for Wales 23 Llyfrgellydd and Virginia Power 23 Librarians England. Contributions are welcome from all Library sectors from all over the world!

As information and library specialists, we are at the heart of many organisations and the extent of our skills is vast. The idea of the 23 Librarians project is to celebrate those skills and to highlight the sheer diversity of activity that we are engaged in. Joining our blog can help demonstrate the value that we provide in education, in business and in the wider communities in which we live and work. Why not contribute YOUR story? Contact one of us to add your voice to help continue the international community of conversation.

Elaine Mulholland (Ireland/NI and beyond…)



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